Generator Hire Worcester & Hereford

As part of our plant hire service, we provide generator hire throughout Worcester, Hereford and the surrounding areas. If you are planning an outdoor event in Worcester, it’s likely that you will require an outdoor power source, which is where a generator can help. Whether it’s for weddings, garden parties or any other event which takes place outdoors, a generator will enable you to enjoy a reliable source of power throughout the course of your event - making it easy to use heating, lighting and music systems in even the most isolated spots in Worcester.

Reliable Generator Hire for All Occasions

We have a great range of generators available to hire in Worcester, ranging from 22kVA to 40kVA power output. They are available to hire on either a short or long-term basis. We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates, ensuring that you have access to reliable power solutions without breaking the bank. Our team are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal generator for your specific requirements, and we're committed to delivering prompt and efficient service to meet your power needs. These generators are also suitable when emergency power is required.

Our products are completely silent, too, so you won’t have to worry about your generator drowning out conversation or music. The equipment that we supply is maintained and serviced regularly to give you the peace of mind that it won’t let you down when you need it most. As with our DIY equipment services, we can deliver your generator directly to your site prior to your event, before collecting it once you have finished.

Advantages of generator hire in Worcester

One of the most significant and compelling advantages of choosing generator hire over the outright purchase of a generator is the substantial reduction in expenses that it offers. When contemplating the investment in a generator, it's crucial to recognise that these devices are typically called into service on rare and sporadic occasions, for events like we mentioned above. Given this infrequent use, the substantial upfront cost associated with acquiring a generator hardly justifies the expense. The cost required to purchase, maintain, and store a generator can be very high, particularly when the equipment remains inactive for extended periods. Moreover, with technology evolving at a rapid pace, purchased generators can swiftly become outdated, necessitating additional expenditures for upgrades or replacements.

Additionally, choosing generator hire allows flexibility. When you hire a generator, you can select the exact size, capacity, and type of generator that suits your requirements at a particular moment. This adaptability is particularly valuable when your power needs vary, such as during outdoor events, construction projects, or even emergencies. It ensures that you have the right amount of power without overcommitting to a single, fixed solution. Whether you need a compact generator for a small event or a larger, industrial-grade generator for a construction site, generator hire allows you to scale your power source up or down as needed, optimising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Based in Tenbury Wells, we offer generator hire throughout Worcester, Hereford, and the local region. If you are based locally and are planning an outdoor event, make sure you contact Tenbury Plant Hire.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators offer an efficient conversion of power from fuel.

Petrol Generators

Petrol generators offer a flexible power solution and range from small, light and quiet to high power output.

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